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QuestSoft Corporation has been awarded a “Top Workplace” honor by The Orange County Register
Barry Habib is a nice guy. You can tell within the first few seconds of any of his “Master the Markets” videos on Mortgage News Network . He’s the kind of guy who calls you “brother” and makes you...Read more
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Robert Senko is president of ACC Mortgage , headquartered in Rockville, Md. For this edition of...Read more
The 1990s was a heady time to be in the U.S. mortgage lending business. Executives working back...Read more
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Question: We are a community bank financing the construction of a mixed-use property consisting of...Read more
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In the mortgage and real estate business, we always tend to hear about “seasons.” Spring will bring...Read more
Willie Newman is president and chief executive officer of Home Point Financial
Willie Newman is president and chief executive officer of Home Point Financial , a national multi-...Read more
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Question: In our weekly sales meeting, there was a big debate about how to explain APR (annual...Read more
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Let’s face it, we all get busy … especially in the mortgage industry. The demands, at times, and...Read more
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August is just around the corner and members of Congress will be returning to their home districts...Read more
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Adam Stoffregen is one of the founding partners—along with Craig Tindall and Roger Steur—of Method...Read more