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In June 2011, I started writing “The Elite Performer” column which has been featured in National Mortgage Professional Magazine monthly for more than eight years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that...Read more
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Extraordinary success requires effort and focus. To be competent with the requirements means there...Read more
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I can’t believe we’re already heading into the fourth quarter of 2019. Summer has ended, the kids...Read more
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In the mortgage and real estate business, we always tend to hear about “seasons.” Spring will bring...Read more
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Let’s face it, we all get busy … especially in the mortgage industry. The demands, at times, and...Read more
When it comes to shouldering housing costs, markets in the New York City metro area and across Florida have the most onerous burdens to carry, according to new data from SmartAsset
This month, I’m interviewing Evan Wade from Philadelphia (NMLS: 1706247/NMLS: 671974). Evan is a Co...Read more
It’s amazing how one day on the calendar can cause so much commotion when faced with a new year...Read more
Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future?
Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future? Why wonder if you can...Read more
Health is an important aspect of life and something we all need to prioritize in the business world...Read more
This morning, I had an interview with a personality on our market’s largest local radio station to...Read more