After a two-month hiatus, the Federal Reserve resumes its policy meetings next week in Washington. 
Soaring prices and dwindling supplies trigger steep falls in residential property sales in July.
With home costs rising across the country, mortgage lenders are making it easier to qualify for a real estate loan.
Affordability constraints have emerged as one of the biggest challenges to the continued housing recovery. However, according to one metric, it’ll be a long while before rent becomes the more sensible option.
Homebuilding bounces back in June amid a dire shortage of properties on the market.
The cost of servicing mortgage loans has surged since the financial crisis. Will FinTech come to the rescue?
Rising competition and lower demand for home financing signal tough times ahead for the U.S. mortgage industry, according to Fannie Mae.
Despite slowly withdrawing from the mortgage market, America’s top-five banks saw their share of total originations rise in the first quarter.
After a rocky start to Q2, home sales bounced back in May as property values surged to new record highs.
Faced with stagnating loan volumes and growing competition from non-bank lenders, the U.S. mortgage industry is struggling to expand its footprint. Although banks have largely sat out the surge in M&A activity of the last few years, consolidation is increasingly viewed as the golden ticket to future growth in an industry facing higher capital requirements and rising costs.