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Fraudmit formed to combat mortgage fraud

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

Fraudmit formed to combat mortgage fraudMortgagePress.comquality control, financial fraud audit services, background screening

Ralph LoVuolo Jr., a 19-year veteran of the mortgage industry, has launched Fraudmit LLC, a company specializing in quality control review and financial fraud audit services.

Fraudmit's services are designed and focused to work within the mortgage and real estate industry, with quality control reviews and fraud audits at the heart of the company's operations. The company also offers additional services, including background screening on individuals and businesses, as well as witness testimony and consulting services.

Fraudmit LLC is an Altamonte Springs, Fla.-based provider of fraud and quality control services. For more information, call (800) 610-6680 or visit

Mar 24, 2014