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New FHA underwriting course offered by AllRegs Academy

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

New FHA underwriting course offered by AllRegs AcademyMortgagePress.comonline course, FHA loan guidelines, maximum FHA loan limits

AllRegs, an information provider for the mortgage lending industry, has announced Feb. 6, 2008 as the launch date for their Fundamentals of FHA Underwriting course. The instructor-led online course will provide new and seasoned lenders with the unique FHA loan guidelines and requirements needed to start underwriting FHA loans immediately. Led by industry experts, the course will meet once weekly for four weeks via conference call and WebEx presentation.

"For the changing market, we organized an incredibly useful and comprehensive FHA loan underwriting training course for lenders," said Dan Thoms, senior vice president of AllRegs. "After taking this course, originators will not only feel comfortable and confident, but they can immediately include a new loan product to help them during this difficult market."

The course is delivered in four online sessions, and graduates will:

•Understand the key differences between underwriting conventional and FHA loans;
•Calculate the maximum FHA loan limits, qualifying ratios, up-front and monthly MIP;
•Identify the critical areas on the Mortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet;
•Determine if a manufactured home or other properties are within FHA guidelines; and
•Determine if a borrower's income and assets meet FHA standards.

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Mar 24, 2014