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Simplist, a startup fintech aimed at prospective homebuyers with complex financial profiles, launched this week in the Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets. According...Read more
Black Knight Inc. has announced its acquisition of Compass Analytics LLC
Black Knight Inc. has announced its acquisition of Compass Analytics LLC, a San Francisco-...Read more
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The U.S. Senate voted 60 to 31 to confirm Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman for a 14-year...Read more
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The California Assembly’s passage of a bill that would restrict landlords from increasing rents...Read more
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As the years have progressed, it is easy to see the whole world going digital. At a young age,...Read more
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When it comes to compliance and social media, experience can inform the next generation of mortgage...Read more
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Just about everyone is on social media today. With social media evolving so quickly, it seems like...Read more
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There is no denying that social media is necessary for a company or service provider to be in...Read more
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The rate at which lenders recapture repeat business from existing customers is at a 12-year low ,...Read more
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The mortgage and financial services industries are in the midst of a dramatic technological...Read more