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Systems that bring out the Colosseum in us are all around. They are part of our culture embedded in our neuropsychology, passed down from father to son and hidden in plain sight as if everything is...Read more
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“Fintech” or “Financial Technology,” is a term that has great meaning to me, my history and the...Read more
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In my column of late, I’ve been sharing the growth of a pilot program that connects mortgage loan...Read more
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As today's businesses strive to keep pace with an ever-changing market, the use of technology is...Read more
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Of course, during times like these, making the switch to remote work is a luxury that can keep your...Read more
Martin Warren, managing director, specialty lending and servicing for Nations Direct Mortgage
Thursday afternoon’s installment of the Mortgage Leadership Outlook series featured Martin Warren,...Read more
Eddie Perez, Equity Prime Mortgage CEO
Eddy Perez, president and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, made a virtual visit for the Wednesday, May...Read more
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I sit in the dark the morning I write this article, the news is on in the background, with the...Read more
Headshot of Jeff Tesch
Tuesday’s edition of the Mortgage Leadership Outlook series featured Jeffrey Tesch, chief executive...Read more
Tom Hutchens Headshot
Tom Hutchens, executive vice president, production for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions , appeared on...Read more