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You’ve heard the great coaches of our time share their pearls of wisdom on a number of occasions … ►“The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.”–Vince Lombardi ►“I’ve never...Read more
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I recently attended the Digital Mortgage Conference and had an opportunity to speak with a lot of...Read more
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It’s fall, I’m seated on an airplane headed to my own first hosted industry convention. I suppose I...Read more
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If we haven’t met … greetings, my name is Tom LaMalfa, and I do survey research in the mortgage...Read more
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As a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, I recently wrote about the tremendous future of non-...Read more
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Selling has always been about being at the right place at the right time. For originators, it is...Read more
Social media has become a pivotal component in successfully engaging the growing population of...Read more
In today’s digital landscape, social media should be a key element for any mortgage lender’s...Read more
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We can all agree that we have very important jobs. We are working with the largest transactions of...Read more
“We go together like salt and pepper,” said no compliance/mortgage duo ever. If you’re in the...Read more