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As the peak summer homebuying season approaches, all of us in the mortgage business look forward to working countless hours to assure our success and the satisfaction of our customers. In my...Read more
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Nicole Christy is a senior loan originator at The Mortgage Broker LLC in Seattle , and president of...Read more
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Adam Stoffregen is one of the founding partners—along with Craig Tindall and Roger Steur—of Method...Read more
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Tom Hutchens has seen the future in mortgage banking, and it is actually part of today’s lending...Read more
Stephen Wagner Appraisal Institute
Following his appearance yesterday before the House Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development...Read more
Title agents play a central role in mortgage transactions that happen across the nation. They are...Read more
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Chrissy Buchanan is executive vice president at Hallmark Home Mortgage in Fort Wayne, Ind. , and...Read more
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While digital marketing has surged in recent years, studies confirm the most effective strategy for...Read more
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In a major step forward to advance the presence of blockchain technology in the real estate...Read more
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine recently caught up with Alok Bansal, managing director of...Read more