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One of the most dramatic developments within the industry has been the rise of the fintechs and the impact they’ve created for homebuyers and sellers, not to mention mortgage brokers, mortgage...Read more
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The new PBS documentary, “ Hollywood's Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story ,” explores the...Read more
Every year after the Thanksgiving holiday, I have gathered the children to an assembly line to create “Blessing Bags” for the homeless
It’s the season of giving, and all of us have turned to our local churches, schools, businesses and...Read more
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You’ve heard the great coaches of our time share their pearls of wisdom on a number of occasions...Read more
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I recently attended the Digital Mortgage Conference and had an opportunity to speak with a lot of...Read more
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It’s fall, I’m seated on an airplane headed to my own first hosted industry convention. I suppose I...Read more
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If we haven’t met … greetings, my name is Tom LaMalfa, and I do survey research in the mortgage...Read more
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As a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, I recently wrote about the tremendous future of non-...Read more
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Selling has always been about being at the right place at the right time. For originators, it is...Read more
Social media has become a pivotal component in successfully engaging the growing population of...Read more