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Contradictions are easily formed, especially when we become caught in our own net cast toward...Read more
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National Mortgage Professional magazine recently had a chance to chat with Dan Sogorka, chief...Read more
Bryan Bergjans, Caliber Lending
Bryan Bergjans, senior vice president, national director of military lending for Caliber Home Loans...Read more
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Technology has always been at the forefront of society’s resources. But now, more than ever before...Read more
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There is a sense of reluctance permeating throughout our industry. Rightfully so, considering we...Read more
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We find ourselves holed up in our homes watching for glimmers of hope while we tackle home...Read more
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Developing a solid marketing plan and implementing it consistently over the long run is the key for...Read more
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In light of COVID-19, we have begun to live a new norm. Zoom calls have usurped face-to-face...Read more
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Systems that bring out the Colosseum in us are all around. They are part of our culture embedded in...Read more
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“Fintech” or “Financial Technology,” is a term that has great meaning to me, my history and the...Read more