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For many, technology has become the knight in shining armor destined to save the mortgage industry...Read more
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Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about systems. But systems have a huge impact on our...Read more
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There has long been a segment of the market unable to get a mortgage using conventional lending,...Read more
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Nearly 30 years ago, I set off to begin my amazing career in homeownership and mortgage finance. I’...Read more
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine is proud to announce its annual list of Top Mortgage...Read more
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There may be nothing more beautiful in all of sports than seeing an athlete who is in the zone...Read more
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This month, I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Andrews (NMLS#: 102708), owner of Next Home...Read more
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Brokers presently have their pipeline full of refi opportunities. Why is it important for brokers...Read more