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I have the pleasure every single day, and for decades now, to work with professionals who want to...Read more
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Traditionally, our goals include achievement of production and monetary goals. And while these are...Read more
Twenty years ago, Robert Senko founded a small mortgage origination shop called All Credit Considered Mortgage Inc. (ACC Mortgage)
Twenty years ago, Robert Senko founded a small mortgage origination shop called All Credit...Read more
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Your company’s marketing budget has a huge impact on your company’s growth. But how do you decide...Read more
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In 1990, five years into my career in the mortgage business, I learned something from a successful...Read more
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Richard Ferguson is president of CBC Mortgage Agency , a nationally-chartered housing finance...Read more
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In the current job market, in-demand professionals know how valuable they are; and if a company...Read more
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The California legislature passed, and Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on June 28, 2018, the...Read more
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Social. Entitled. Tech-savvy. Creative. However you might choose to describe them, there’s no doubt...Read more
MORPAC Chairman Eddy Perez, CMB, president of Equity Prime Mortgage, hosted the MBA Advocacy Roadshow’s first stop in Atlanta, as MBA staff leaders provided an update on key legislative and regulatory priorities
This month, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) launched the MBA Advocacy Roadshow initiative...Read more