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Mortgage companies are growing these days. From brick-and-mortar to digital lenders, there are...Read more
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For more than a month, this subject of this article and every version that I’ve written, has seen...Read more
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As your company grows, one of the most difficult things to do is to build up your team. We’ve all...Read more
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This month, we are interviewing Shawn Williams, president of Fortis Mortgage in College Park, Md...Read more
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When I look ahead to 2020, the one thing to be sure of is that mortgage lending is set to get a lot...Read more
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Extraordinary success requires effort and focus. To be competent with the requirements means there...Read more
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As leaders, we all strive to foster positivity in our work environments. Who doesn’t want happy...Read more
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It is the New Year. Much of your pipeline has closed. There are recruiters calling you left and...Read more
Let’s be honest … how many of us crammed in our busy holiday and end-of-year schedules time to...Read more