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Online lending for the new decade
Our cell phones, our cars, our games, our stores, our homes, and of course, our computers … we don’t just use the Web, we are the Web. The Internet is so pervasive, so much an integral part of our daily lives, it’s hard to believe that... Read more
The HECM at 20 Series ... Reverse Mortgage Pioneers and Leaders: A visionary non-commercial entrepreneur
History matters. As HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), and the multi-billion-dollar reverse mortgage industry it has spun, turn 20 this year, it is fitting that we take a moment to reflect on the industry’s first two decades through... Read more
FHA Insider: FHA and the new condo approval process ... will lenders take advantage of this change?
In the late 1990s, I did a lot of condo financing. I developed a niche for myself, and a reputation for being able to successfully get builders’ condominium conversions approved for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) financing. It was a... Read more
Trend Spotter: Is this time different?
Once upon a time, the housing market and economy at large was full of euphoria and excitement. The Great Housing Boom (GHB) of 2003-2006 was rumored to be different than any other boom in the entire history of the world. House prices were... Read more
FTC’s new leadership making aggressive moves in consumer protection
While Congress is debating the future of the proposed centralized federal enforcement agency for the financial services sector, one thing regarding enforcement has already been established: With or without the proposed Consumer Financial... Read more
Ask Brian: Are you now mentally “melted down?”
Dear Brian: I don’t mean to sound too sad here, but I am struggling. For years, I did really well, and then, like everyone else, my business just sort of disappeared. It has taken me many months just to try keeping my head above water. But... Read more
Value Nation: Mortgage professionals living in harmony with the HVCC
The change that we in the mortgage and housing industries have experienced within the past year is amazing. As a result of last fall’s elections, we have gone from a relatively conservative government to a significantly more liberal one.... Read more
The Un-Comfort Zone: Don't get stuck in reverse
I love this quote by Gandalf the Gray from the book Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, “When we despair we cease to choose well. We give in to short cuts.” It’s so true and we all know that we have been guilty of it at some point in... Read more
Maximize your profits: Adopt orphan customers
Orphan mortgages and customers are previously closed and unclosed loans of mortgage brokers that are no longer employed by your company. When these brokers leave, they usually do not take their loans or customers with them. Take advantage... Read more
NAMB’s Membership Corner: What does NAMB membership mean to you?
What is at the root of NAMB? You … the member. Without members, there wouldn’t be an association. The professional mortgage advisor is critical now more than ever to both the consumer and the marketplace. I’m fortunate and honored to serve... Read more