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Recruiting from the “compatibility” approach … the lost art
Until recently, I was an owner partner of a mortgage banking operation. Due to prevailing and deteriorating market conditions, the unpleasant decision to close became necessary. After a brief sabbatical for reflection and grasp of the... Read more
Trigger mail lends relevancy to offers by mortgage professionals
As a mortgage professional, traditional direct mail marketing is likely part of your arsenal to help drive sales. Perhaps you’ve heard of the latest game-changer, trigger mail. Trigger programs deliver relevant offers at the “moment of... Read more
Securities-based lending: An alternative source of funding
You may have heard the term “stock loan,” “stock-secured financing” or “securities-based lending.” All of these terms refer to the type of lending program where the borrower’s securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds or options) are pledged... Read more
Advertising secrets from one of America’s most successful copywriters and direct marketers
Times are tough. The mortgage industry has been tainted and blamed for the tough times we’re in. And we’re left with repairing the damage and building our business at the same time. Recently, I had the honor of hearing Joseph Sugarman, one... Read more
A rock and a hard place: The rights and remedies of a mezzanine lender
As the real estate market faces one of the worst economic crises in recent memory, lenders and borrowers alike are scrambling to preserve and maximize the value of their investments. With property values falling and with difficulties in... Read more
NMP Mortgage Professional of the Month: Gregory Lutin, Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of Flagstar Bank
Each month, National Mortgage Professional Magazine will focus on one of the industry’s top players in our “Mortgage Professional of the Month” feature. This month, we had the chance to chat with Gregory Lutin, executive vice president and... Read more
Ask Brian: A simple formula for direct marketing success
What I am about to share with you is so simple you might not even believe it. So please stay with me. It could be that big “aha!” you’ve been wondering about all this time that will finally explain why your marketing may not be working as... Read more
FHA Insider: FHA SWAT Teams--Don’t be in the line of fire!
On April 2, 2009, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) issued Mortgagee Letter 09-12, which deals with the importance of lenders and brokers having good credit policies and quality control plans in place. This letter didn’t get much... Read more
The cosmology of our current financial and economic crisis
Allow me to share with you the observations of a mortgage market analyst who has been plying his trade for nearly 32 years. I spent a decade working for a Fortune 500 company, four years working for medium-sized companies, and almost two... Read more
Yield spread premiums: Compensation or kickback?
Legitimate compensation or an illegal referral fee (kickback) … really two existentially different and diametrically opposed concepts! Each claims reference to the yield spread premium (YSP). An entire class of financial institutions... Read more