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Mortgage brokers discover six figure incomes in non-mortgage business loan opportunities
With more than three million foreclosures anticipated this year, the federal government becoming more restrictive and the entire mortgage industry in turmoil, it is essential for mortgage brokers to “think outside of the box.” Some have... Read more
Value Nation: Why appraisal management companies are important
Lately, appraisal management companies (AMCs) have been in the news. In fact, few people had heard of AMCs until recently. Perhaps that is because they are business-to-business entities, usually not catering to the general public. AMCs, by... Read more
Third-party originations: What the future may hold
When offering my opinions on the subject of the future prognosis for the mortgage broker industry, I have only one agenda and that is how to save the mortgage broker industry. I certainly do not speak for the Mortgage Bankers Association (... Read more
Trend Spotter: Hello … I’m calling about those 4.5 percent mortgage rates …
“Hello, I’m calling about those 4.5 percent mortgage rates I keep hearing about. Wait a minute … are you serious? You want me to pay points?” Yep … you’ve probably heard that gasp on the other end of the phone at least one too many times!... Read more
NMP’s Market Barometer: July 2009 Part II
Provided exclusively to National Mortgage Professional Magazine by David Beadle, president of BestInfo Inc., the BestRates cell, pager and e-mail rate alert service for mortgage industry subscribers. A reading of "1" has the lowest impact... Read more
Ask Brian: The five biggest reasons your direct mail doesn’t work
A common statement I frequently hear from clients goes something like this: “I hear direct mail works, but I have tried it and have received a very poor response.” Instead of trying to break down the process and discover why it isn’t... Read more
Step up and take a chance on yourself
Do you have a mortgage broker’s license? Are you an agent or a real estate broker? Are you working for someone else for a few years, but with no future? Are you aggressive and self motivated? Are you an individual with a vision but not... Read more
You are doing the right thing and you did not know it
A 2008 report from the Mortgage Asset Research Institute (MARI) stated that identity theft comprised less than one percent of the mortgage fraud schemes across the nation. The new Red Flag Rules has many mortgage operations stressed. What... Read more
Good-enough technology … is this the best we can do?
In the heydays that were only just a few years back it seems, the systems in every lender’s office were straining at their breaking points to cope with the volume. During this time, there was much fanfare and hype about the so-called “e-... Read more
Beating the big boxes
My more provocative articles appear on Web sites and e-publications. It is difficult for the magazines to get their advertisers angry at them, but if the industry is going to improve upon past experiences, we need to address the impact of... Read more