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Loan mod forensic loan audit: Part I of III
What is a forensic loan review? Although an afterthought where mortgage lending is concerned, this piece of the mortgage function should be strongly considered not only from a compliance standpoint, but also from the standpoint of future... Read more
Dear Brian: How to get your clients selling for you!
Dear Brian: I am looking for suggestions or advice on getting testimonies from my clients who are closing. Do you suggest giving them a standard form to fill out and answer, along with remarks, or would you handle it differently? My goal... Read more
How to get rich in this market
I must say, as the former owner of one of the largest mortgage brokers in the country, I have a newfound respect for all the crap my loan officers must have gone through when I was at the top making policy at Carteret Mortgage. Literally,... Read more
Forward on Reverse: An equity-munching home loan
“If you share a good idea long enough, it will fall on good people,” says Jim Rohn. In that spirit, we revisit an idea I have addressed in this column, but it keeps coming up in my interactions online, in-person, and on the phone with... Read more
Agencies release list of distressed or underserved non-metropolitan middle-income geographies
The federal bank and thrift regulatory agencies has announced the availability of the 2009 list of distressed or underserved non-metropolitan middle-income geographies in which revitalization or stabilization activities will receive... Read more
What to do when clients think rates are dropping
The question in the title is one all of us are currently facing. The news keeps telling us that even though rates are at an all-time low, they are likely to drop even further. News like this is causing our clients to delay refinancing and... Read more
An industry of change: Mortgage brokers can expect more changes that will affect their process and procedures of loan production and operations
As you know, in 2008, several compliance changes occurred that will affect the broker operations in 2009. In the month of May, two new changes, the Red Flag Rules and the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), go into affect unless... Read more
FDIC Q1 of 2009 State Profiles now available
The First Quarter 2009 FDIC State Profiles are now available online. The FDIC State Profiles are formatted as a quarterly data sheet summation of economic and banking conditions for all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.... Read more
Appraisal Institute at United Nations: Worldwide valuation standards needed
Addressing the need for transparency and accountability in the worldwide valuation profession, the president of the nation’s largest appraisal organization, the Appraisal Institute, called for uniform valuation standards to advance... Read more
HUD approves tax credit loans for FHA mortgages
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued guidance allowing Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-approved lenders to provide loans to borrowers eligible for the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit. Mortgagee... Read more