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As I forge into the depths of a first-year start-up company, which is doing better than planned, I...Read more
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Thanks to market conditions, a large number of people are investing in residential real estate. Now...Read more
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Let’s face it, we all get busy … especially in the mortgage industry. The demands, at times, and...Read more
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Mortgage lenders offer their customers a mix of digital processes and human interactions. Both...Read more
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The Administration and the new leadership at the FHFA and CFPB have been making announcements...Read more
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August is just around the corner and members of Congress will be returning to their home districts...Read more
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As the peak summer homebuying season approaches, all of us in the mortgage business look forward to...Read more
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Nicole Christy is a senior loan originator at The Mortgage Broker LLC in Seattle , and president of...Read more
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Adam Stoffregen is one of the founding partners—along with Craig Tindall and Roger Steur—of Method...Read more
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Tom Hutchens has seen the future in mortgage banking, and it is actually part of today’s lending...Read more