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This month, I had a chance to chat with Ryan (NMLS#: 1607795) & Jessica Ehler (NMLS#: 1806543), the husband and wife duo from Price Mortgage (NMLS#: 1429043)
This month, I had a chance to chat with Ryan (NMLS#: 1607795) & Jessica Ehler (NMLS#: 1806543...Read more
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We are seeing a huge shift in the mortgage lending landscape. The wholesale channel is coming back...Read more
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This month, we present to you our second annual list of "Mortgage Banking's Most Powerful Women."...Read more
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I’ve been writing about this for years since I learned the traits and proven results of “top of...Read more
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I almost feel that I am stating the obvious here … Anyone who has been through the industry-...Read more
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In the mortgage and real estate business, we always tend to hear about “seasons.” Spring will bring...Read more
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In the past dozen or so years, one could easily get the impression that Mother Nature has become...Read more
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The mortgage market is changing, and some negative challenges will occur. Many of us don’t talk...Read more
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In many industries, a certification is the benchmark. You probably wouldn’t do business with a CPA...Read more
Tom Hutchens is executive vice president, production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
A major challenge for non-QM lenders and originators has been speeding and simplifying the pre-...Read more