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Mortgage borrowers are diverse, coming from all walks of life. Some live in the city, others settle...Read more
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As diverse as America is becoming, I would think that the topic of diversity would be even hotter...Read more
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With the new measures aimed at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 and the hourly updates keeping...Read more
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For this month's column, I am going to focus on how to win locally by building your authority...Read more
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine recently had a chance to speak with Dave Chung, co-founder...Read more
As our community demographics are shifting, what are companies doing to keep up with the change and...Read more
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Imagine driving through a new development where every home is painted the same color and built on...Read more
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The California Attorney General’s Office has released a notice of modifications to the proposed...Read more
Question: We are constantly monitoring our loan officers’ social media use. We train them from our...Read more
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Now is the time to find the right customers. With fluctuating interest rates impacting loan volume...Read more