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Recently, my wife and I were driving to the beach for dinner … or somewhere to enjoy being “Empty...Read more
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Very few people and organizations achieve greatness by accident. For most, success begins with...Read more
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Thinking about our veterans and how best to honor them in 2019, it occurred to me that one of the...Read more
The first seminar for a pilot program that connects loan originators with housing counselors to...Read more
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This just might be the best market for you, your family and loved ones that you will ever see in...Read more
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“The pride of states as well as of men naturally disposes them to justify all their actions and...Read more
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Enormous change is compelling lenders to rethink and adjust operating models, moving away from...Read more
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Recently, I spoke at AFN’s Branch Manager Conference and was asked about my views on how mortgage...Read more
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Mortgage borrowers are diverse, coming from all walks of life. Some live in the city, others settle...Read more
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As diverse as America is becoming, I would think that the topic of diversity would be even hotter...Read more