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Plaza Home Mortgage launched its new loan acquisition system LINQ, in hopes to accelerate loan...Read more
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FirstClose, a provider of technology solutions for mortgage lenders nationwide, announced its...Read more
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First American Mortgage Solutions launched its latest Mortgage Fraud Indicator module, available...Read more
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Verus Mortgage Capital introduced its new Prime Jumbo Program that offers low rates for high-valued...Read more
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Promontory MortgagePath launched Transform, a new service delivery model that bundles licensed loan...Read more
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Peoples Processing, Inc. introduced a unique mailbox monitoring system that can help servicers...Read more
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Black Knight launched two new digital solutions to advance the loan application and approval...Read more
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Clear Capital, a real estate valuation and analytics fintech company, introduced ClearLabs, an in-...Read more
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ClosingCorp Fees is now integrated with OpenClose's LenderAssist end-to-end loan origination system...Read more
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Reggora, an appraisal software company partnered with GoodData, a company specializing in embedded...Read more