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A new definition for “hot property” has emerged within the real estate market. The recent string of...Read more
The family of U.S. Navy veteran Chris Hixon, who tragically lost his life while defending high...Read more
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BECU , the Seattle-based $20 billion community credit union, has allocated $2 million to its First-...Read more
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A new data report from Redfin found 2020’s housing market getting off on a vibrant start, with home...Read more
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Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ascendancy to the frontrunner status in the race for the Democratic Party’s...Read more
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Just because a person has a mortgage doesn’t mean they know the rate they are carrying. According...Read more
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The government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) have reported declines in their respective lower annual...Read more
The homebuying process can be an emotionally trying situation, and a new survey commissioned by...Read more
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New data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) recorded increases in home prices during...Read more
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The first week of February ended with mortgage applications in an uptick thanks to refinance...Read more