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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell paid tribute to one of his predecessors by emphasizing the...Read more
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Eleven percent of offers written by Redfin agents on behalf of their homebuying customers in...Read more
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Mortgage professionals on the hunt for an older customer base may want to concentrate on Florida...Read more
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Delinquencies on housing-related loan categories were mixed during the second quarter, according to...Read more
The 17th century property that reportedly inspired Emily Brontë's literary masterpiece Wuthering Heights has been listed for sale for $1.6 million
Mortgage credit availability increased in September, according to new data from the Mortgage...Read more
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The thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs aren’t the only speedy entities in Kentucky–homes are selling...Read more
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American Indians who live on tribal reservations pay nearly two percentage points more on mortgage...Read more
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Affordable homeownership opportunities are returning with a vengeance, according to new data...Read more
Expensive housing is one of the contributing factors that is forcing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to consider expanding his company’s offices outside of its Bay Area headquarters
Expensive housing is one of the contributing factors that is forcing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg...Read more
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Private residential construction spending during August increased 0.9 percent from the previous...Read more