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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) , existing-home sales climbed substantially...Read more
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More than 19,500 individuals and organizations submitted comments in response to a U.S. Department...Read more
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Freddie Mac has released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS), showing that the...Read more
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In order to help borrowers who are at risk of losing their home, the U.S. Department of Housing...Read more
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After last week’s mammoth jump in mortgage applications , fears of the Coronavirus began to take...Read more
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As the nation braces for a potential lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as the...Read more
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The Federal Reserve Board has announced that it will establish a Commercial Paper Funding Facility...Read more
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ATTOM Data Solutions has released its Q1 2020 Single-Family Rental Market report , which ranks the...Read more
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The Quicken Loans Community Fund and Gilbert Family Foundation have announced a combined $1.2...Read more
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As reported by Yahoo! , employees at the Washington, D.C., and New York offices of the Consumer...Read more