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A la mode integrates iHomefinder's online listing
Free credit reports now availablemortgagepress.comcredit maintenance, consumer demand, fraud As of Dec. 1, residents of western states along with Alaska and Hawaii are able to receive free copies of their credit reports every year from the... Read more
Ask the QC-Xperts
GE introduces errors and omissions productMortgagePress.comGE Insurance Solutions, errors and omissions, professional liability coverage GE Insurance Solutions has launched a product offering errors and omissions professional liability... Read more
LoanUPDATE takes a byte out of the mortgage process
J.D. Power and Associates reports: Mortgage brokers provide valuable service for home loan customersmortgagepress.com2005 Home Mortgage Study, customer satisfaction, customer service Although slightly fewer than one-third of mortgage... Read more
How to select an appraiser
Safe at Any Amount: The Anti-Poverty LoanAtare Agbamureverse, elders, senior, credit In the following article, names have been changed to protect anonymity. In March, Paula Needcash called me about a reverse mortgage. I referred her to a... Read more
Increase your business by 80 percent in eight weeks
Homeowners Report on RefinancingMortgagePress.comRefinancing, Statistics, Interest Rates, Payments Mortgage rates may be the lowest they have been in 40 years, but according to a recent survey conducted by InsightExpress, these low rates,... Read more
Mortgage brokers make their voices heard
Mortgage broker 2000: Making money with venture capital transactionsFred Steinbergventure capital, qualifications, transactions Since entering the venture capital arena, many transactions have come across my desk. A great number of them... Read more
Martinez wins Senate bid
Ask the Online ExpertsRod Aries and Robert FarrisE-mail, web tools, internet What are some basic E-mail rules to follow? From: Steve, 1st Trust Mortgage Here are some basic E-mail rules to follow to keep yourself out of trouble: 1. The... Read more
Cutting Costs is Crucial to Lender's Survival-Technology Offers Best Solution
"We'll make it up in volume," that's the prevailing conventional wisdom of many lenders in the mortgage industry when faced with adversity. But, does it still ring true? New industry dynamics have emerged--decreased revenue, threats of... Read more
An interview with NAMB Convention Committee Chair Nagy Henein
HUD raises fines for lenders who fail to assist troubled borrowersmortgagepress.comloss mitigation, HUD penalties, FHA mortgages The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has published a final rule that dramatically increases... Read more
J.D. Power and Associates reports: Mortgage brokers provide valuable service for home loan customers
Fannie Mae CEO challenges U.S. housing problemsmortgagepress.comFranklin D. Raines, 2000 New York Housing Conference Annual Awards Luncheon, 2000 National Housing Conference, Fannie Mae At the recent National Housing Conference and the New... Read more