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Fannie Mae chooses AllRegs as exclusive provider of multifamily guides
What is a consumer compliance program and why do you need one? James D. Russell, CPAregulatory compliance, consumer compliance, program development Increasingly, mortgage originators are finding themselves on the receiving end of... Read more
IndyMac renovates QuickPricer
The world of credit: Establishing credit John J. Hudockcredit scores, credit reporting, consumer behavior Establishing credit has basically been the same for more than 4,000 years. When you borrowed something and paid it back, as you... Read more
Mortgage technology and beyond: The quest for the perfect database
Selling mortgages is not rocket science: If it isn’t the price ...Dave Hershmanrate shoppers, competition, price inquiries This season, the phone will be ringing at lender offices across the land. No matter how the phone call was... Read more
Selling mortgages is not rocket science
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The world of credit: Why are lenders concerned about inquiries?
LenderLive and Informative Research collaborate on creditmortgagepress.comLenderLive, Informative Research, outsourcing LenderLive Network Inc. and Informative Research (IR) have partnered to provide more services for mortgage lenders.... Read more
Reaching out to the commercial market
Building loyalty and customer retention for under a dollarJeffrey Dobkincustomer retention management, customer service, brand loyalty, letter writing The buzzword for this week is "branding." Last week, it was "brand loyalty." Oh yeah,... Read more
So you want to become an Internet lender?
Economic commentary: Mortgage brokers and fair lendingStanley D. Longhofer and Paul S. Calemfair lending laws, brokers, lenders, compliance The views stated herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve... Read more
Trade groups forecast strong 2005 after ‘04 boom
Selling mortgages is not rocket science: Teach those you are servingDave Hershmansales, public speaking, mentoring, training Want to be seen as more than just a "pushy" salesperson? You are not alone. It is the goal of most salespeople to... Read more
Selling mortgages is not rocket science: If it isn’t the price ...
Reaching out to the commercial marketEric C. Peckcommercial mortgage brokering, lending, Commercial Real Estate Task Force, NAMB With the current downturn in the residential mortgage marketplace, many brokers across the country are turning... Read more
Fannie Mae CEO challenges U.S. housing problems
Mortgage broker 2000: A new way to network for factoring transactions and other residual income streamsFred Steinbergnetwork marketing, residual income, recruitment Residual income is a welcome word for Mortgage Brokers everywhere. I am... Read more