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How do I improve my credit score?
Moving the Spanish-speaking population towards homeownershipMark Brabyn and Arturo Del RioHispanic, homeownership, Spanish-speaking, market, growth If you aren't currently targeting the Hispanic population with your marketing efforts,... Read more
Mortgage broker 2000: Five attitudes to avoid
Down Payment Assistance Programs Aid LendersAnn AshburnDownpayment, DPA, down payment, downpayment assistance Lenders around the nation can benefit from using down payment assistance (DPA) programs in the home loan process. DPAs can... Read more
The compliance controversy--Part one: How to register with the FTC
Trade groups forecast strong 2005 after ‘04 boommortgagepress.comhousing sales forecast, 2005, real estate market Despite signs of a slight softening in the real estate market, industry associations project that the market will remain... Read more
The best of both worlds
Take the Telephone Doctor I.Q. quizNancy Friedmancustomer service, phone etiquette, telemarketing You may not have a lifeline or phone-a-friend, or even be able to take two wrong answers away, but you will enjoy taking this fun, simple... Read more
Mortgage technology and beyond: The LION roars
Mortgage technology and beyond: The last quarter and what are you going to do about itJohn D. Svirskynew year's resolution, year 2000,motivation September 1999, one quarter, 90 days left until the end of the year, the decade, and the... Read more
Take the Telephone Doctor I.Q. quiz
Four more years: What the Bush reelection means for the mortgage industryPeggy KernBush administration, mortgage industry, economics, forecast A month-plus after Election Day, Americans have settled back into their red-and-blue seats for... Read more
Selling mortgages is not rocket science: Teach those you are serving
Mortgage broker 2000: Five attitudes to avoidFred Steinberg closing, techniques, strategy, mindset Volumes have been written ... training tapes have been purchased ... and seminars have been sold out. All were about the same subject:... Read more
Managing for long-term success
Myers celebrates 10-year anniversarymortgagepress.comMyers Internet, online mortgage technology, Web site construction Myers Internet Inc. is now 10 years old. Myers was founded by online mortgage pioneers Warren Myer and Lovina Worick.... Read more
From the appraiser’s perspective: FNC Inc. and Bill Rayburn, connecting appraisers and lenders--Part two
The best of both worldsJack Tragesermortgage origination, Internet, broker advantages, integration By now you must be wondering what to make of all the news you hear about mortgage origination on the Internet. It seems like a new headline... Read more
Mortgage broker 2000: A new way to network for factoring transactions and other residual income streams
From the appraiser’s perspective: FNC Inc. and Bill Rayburn, connecting appraisers and lenders--Part twoCharlie Elliott Jr., MAI, SRABill Rayburn, interview, AppraisalPort, FNC, appraisal products In an attempt to address some of the... Read more