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Technology in the nonconforming market
Mortgage Technology and Beyond: Every Mortgage Broker Needs a LoanToolboxJohn D. Svirsky Tim Braheem, Greg Frost, Barry, Barry Habib, success tools, Act! templates Over the years, I have found that the way to riches, personal... Read more
Building a Marketing Plan Utilizing Advanced Technology
Technology in the nonconforming marketW. Lance Andersontechnology, non-conforming, Internet In the conforming loan market, technology is playing a prominent role in both the marketing and processing of mortgage loans. The GSEs with Loan... Read more
Hard equity loans: 12 creative techniques
Six Simple Tips for Increasing Sales and Peace of MindBy Barbara Hemphillorganization, paperwork, best practices Have you ever found a lead on a scrap of paper after the prospect purchased from your competition? Are you spending time... Read more
Cutting Costs is Crucial to Lender's Survival‑E‑Technology Offers Best Solution
Hard equity loans: 12 creative techniquesGary Opperhard equity loan, loan options Anyone could do (it). All they have to do is think! Thomas A. Edison Tired of spending two to three weeks gathering documents and information from a borrower... Read more
Freddie Mac gets tech-nical
Riding the technology waveP.J. Campagnayear 2000, Y2K, compliance, Shield 2000 Are you ready for the year 2000? It's okay to admit you haven't started to prepare your computer systems for the millennium-most small businesses haven't. Even... Read more
Watch Your Step: The Perils of Falling Into the Technology Gap
Target financial planners as a new referral sourceSteve Brewerfinancial planners, referrals, lead generation Loan officers traditionally rely on real estate agents for the bulk of their referrals. If you have 20 years in the business and a... Read more
Measuring sales training
A Passion For FreedomA'kos KovachInspirational, Human Interest, Oklahoma Association of Mortgage Brokers, A'kos Kovach, Francis Joseph Kovach Premise: The request was to write something about my father, who recently passed away. Reason? My... Read more
Selling mortgages is not rocket science: Selling without price
Commercial Mortgage Insider: $200 Billion to Fund...Are You Ready?Anthony M. GramzaReal Estate Investment Trusts, REIT, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, CMBS, Yes, you read correctly. This year, our industry projects a drop in loan... Read more
The most valuable letter you can write
Commercial Loan Brokering … Fear Not!Anthony M. Gramzacommercial mortgages, refi boom, NAMB educational courses Here we are, at the beginning of 2004. The market is softening, the refi business is slowing to a snails pace, and I am... Read more
Control-Responsibility-Accountability: The Power of a Warehouse Line
Survey Finds Rise In Internet Mortgage UsageMortgagePress.comInternet, Mortgage Banking Magazine, MyersA recent study by San Jose, California-based Myers Internet Services, conducted for Mortgage Banking magazine, found that both mortgage... Read more