Bobservations of Successful Non-QM Lending

REC. Jan 21, 2021

Since 1999, ACC Mortgage has never stopped lending. During the most recent COVID crash in the spring of 2020, ACC continued to lend. This webinar is going to be an overview of all Non-QM Lending going into 2021. Throughout the year, ACC will introduce our National Account Executives to share Non-QM updates and strategies on how to succeed in Non-QM Lending. Rates will rise and you will need more tools to be successful in your mortgage career.

Join Robert Senko, President of ACC Mortgage as he helps you with the answers to:

  1. When should I consider using a Non-QM Lender?
  2. How do I get the fastest answer?
  3. How do I sell Non-QM to my customer?
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.


Photo of Robert Senko, President at ACC Mortgage
Robert Senko
ACC Mortgage

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