Deal Desk Webinar: Optimize Your Mortgage Lending Solutions for Your Self-Employed and Investor Borrowers with Acra Lending

REC. Jun 02, 2021

Today, a good majority of originators know what a bank statement loan is and which lenders to use to place these files. However, what happens when the 12 or 24-month bank statement loan does not work? 
Our 3-Month Bank Statement program is used as a fail-safe product for these clients. Though the commercial market has been in disarray over the past 18 months, we are now accepting files on subjects with mixed-use characteristics. Adult Care Facilities and Vacation Rental Properties have been hard to place, and we will now look at lending on these subjects.

On this webinar we will discuss:
ITIN Loans

  • How many of your clients had trouble financing because of their Federally-issued Tax ID #?
  • Borrowers who write off everything under the sun on their 1040s and do not have enough Adjusted Gross Income?
  • No Doc loans for wage earner borrowers using a Letter of Explanation, Bank Statements showing receipt of wage-earner income, and WVOE.

3-Month Bank Statement

  • DTI above the min. required using a 12-month bank statement loan?
  • Accepting Transfers and any credits towards qualifying income as opposed to the standard 12 or 24-month bank statement loan.

Investor Cash Flow

  • Adult Care Facility – Denied financing because the borrower runs a business out of their home?
  • Vacation Rental Property – Newly classified Airbnb subjects need help with out-of-the-box financing?
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Deal Desk


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