Every Scenario is Approvable. Deal Desk Focus on ACC’s Non-QM Suite

REC. Nov 11, 2020

Join National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and ACC Mortgage, the nation’s oldest Non-QM lender, for a special DealDesk webinar focused on ACC’s extensive offering of Non-QM products that include Bank Statement loans, Investment Properties, P&L Only, ITIN and Jumbo products! When rates increase, more loan officers will be chasing fewer deals, so you need to ensure you have additional tools to compete. ACC Mortgage offers solutions, not just loans.

Join Robert Senko, President of ACC Mortgage as he helps you understand and navigate: 

  1. Core Non-QM Lending
  2. 2nd Chance Lending
  3. P&L Only Deals
  4. Vanilla Jumbo
  5. ITIN Lending
  6. DSCR Lending
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.
Deal Desk


Photo of Robert Senko, President at ACC Mortgage
Robert Senko
ACC Mortgage

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