Prepare Your Pipeline For 2021

REC. Nov 05, 2020

After a year that no one could have predicted, projections predict the end of 2020 slowing down. Now is the time to nurture your pipeline, show some borrower care and keep the referrals coming!

Join Samia Demarco from Birchwood Credit Services, Tim McQuillan and Matt Hydrew from CreditXpert to learn how to become more competitive with your loan deal, along with:

  • The cost of losing a lead
  • Learn tips from industry experts to retain more leads
  • Tips to nurture the borrower relationship
  • Drive an increase in your referrals
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.


Photo of Tim McQuillan, Account Manager at CreditXpert Inc.
Tim McQuillan
Account Manager
Photo of Matt Hydrew VP, Sales at CreditXpert, Inc.
Matt Hydrew
Vice President, Sales
Photo of Samia DeMarco, National Sales Manager at Birchwood Credit Services
Samia Demarco
National Sales Manager
Birchwood Credit Services

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