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  1. House Flipping Returns to Two-Year Low

    ... profits continue to be squeezed by a dwindling inventory of distressed properties available to purchase at a discount and increasing competition from ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-12-07 16:22

  2. Servicers Seek to Build Consumer Interest in REO Properties

    ... their company was investing to improve the condition of REO properties under management, while 62 percent said their company was making a ... Vice President of Real Estate Services at Altisource. “Distressed properties, including REO, have historically been marketed in as-is ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-11-20 17:16

  3. Fewer Vacant Properties Recorded in Q3

    Nearly 1.4 million residential properties were vacant as of the end of the third quarter, according to new ... Solutions . This represents 1.58 percent of all residential properties, a slight decline from the 1.63 percent level recorded in the third ... housing has soaked up even some of the most highly distressed properties,” said Daren Blomquist, Senior Vice President at ATTOM ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-10-26 11:47

  4. CoreLogic to Provide HUD With Valuation and Disposition Services

    ... HUD’s requirements for the valuation and disposition of distressed and REO properties. Those partners include companies such as Summit Consulting, a data ... - 2017-10-24 11:15

  5. Foreclosure Activity Falls to 11-Year Low

    The number of residential properties with foreclosure filings reached an 11-year low during the third ... Solutions .   During the third quarter, 191,824 properties had foreclosure filings, down 13 percent from the previous quarter ... between 2004 and 2008 have largely been cleared out of the distressed market pipeline,” said Daren Blomquist, Senior Vice President at ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-10-12 12:25

  6. Altisource Survey Finds FHA Volume on the Rise

    ... surveyed said consistency and efficiency in managing REO properties is a very important consideration; 69 percent also pointed to ... of Real Estate Services for Altisource. “However, distressed properties require servicers to effectively manage multiple processes, with ... - 2017-09-22 10:45

  7. Average Price Gains on Home Sales Hit 10-Year High

    ... homeowners who sold in the second quarter had owned their properties an average of 8.05 years, up from 7.85 years in the previous quarter ... but down from 2.6 percent a year ago.   Separately, distressed sales accounted for 13.4 percent of all single family and condo ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-07-27 11:10

  8. 1.2M Fewer Underwater Homes From One Year Ago

    Nearly 5.5 million residential properties were seriously underwater during the first quarter, up from the 5.4 ... properties saw a corresponding increase in share of distressed sales in the first quarter, creating a drag on overall home values, and in the case of Baton Rouge that increase in distressed sales may be in part attributable to the catastrophic flooding there ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-05-04 13:27

  9. Carrington Real Estate Services Adds Two New Assistant VPs

    ... as agent, sales manager and team leader. She is a Certified Distressed Property Expert—Short Sales (CDPE) and is BPO Certified.   ... recently, he was named portfolio asset manager with Patriot Properties. Prior to this, Demers was with National Realty LLC, which he ... - 2017-04-17 14:38

  10. Existing-Home Sales Drop 3.7 Percent

    ... market right now despite steadily rising home prices and few distressed properties on the market, and their financial wherewithal to pay in cash gives ...

    Phil Hall - 2017-03-22 10:22