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  1. Fannie and Freddie, Back in the Black

    ... the financial crisis. In September 2008, nine days before Lehman Brothers failed, the federal government took over the mortgage companies; it ...

    Mortgage News Ticker - 2017-04-27 10:00

  2. What is the Future State of the Mortgage Industry?

    ... dollar players in the industry, Countrywide Financial, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia, GMAC, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, to ...

    Laura Lynn Burke - 2016-10-26 09:14

  3. Economist Warns: Deutsche Bank and Hillary Clinton Could Start a New Recession

    ... … We are told over and over again that Deutsche Bank is no Lehman Brothers. It can’t pull down the global financial system, because the ...

    Phil Hall - 2016-10-18 10:16

  4. Do Clinton and Kaine Really Think Bush’s Tax Cuts Caused the Financial Crisis?

    Eight years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the enactment of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (a.k.a. ...

    Mortgage News Ticker - 2016-10-06 22:49

  5. Sen. Warren Wants Details of Financial Crisis Investigation

    This week marked the eighth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy, an event that triggered the financial crisis of 2008 and ...

    Mortgage News Ticker - 2016-09-19 10:18

  6. Bernanke: Don’t Break Up the Big Banks

    ... banks.” Bernanke acknowledged the 2008 failure of Lehman Brothers as playing a role in the subsequent recession, but he warned that that ...

    Phil Hall - 2016-05-16 11:47

  7. Krugman: Big Banks Were Not Responsible for 2008 Crash

    ... was centered not on big banks but on ‘shadow banks’ like Lehman Brothers that weren’t necessarily that big. And the financial reform that ...

    Phil Hall - 2016-04-08 16:21

  8. Deborah Goguen Tapped as PRMG's Mid-Atlantic Wholesale Regional Manager

    ... sales manager for Bank of America, Wachovia Bank and Lehman Brothers, to name a few. Deborah is a HAMP Loan Modification, HARP ... - 2016-03-31 12:52

  9. Guaranty Bank, Lehman Brothers Square Off in Court Over Mortgages

    Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., whose bankruptcy in 2008 helped launch the financial ... mortgages during the housing bubble. Guaranty Bank, Lehman Brothers Square Off in Court Over Mortgages Guaranty Bank, Lehman ...

    Mortgage News Ticker - 2016-03-23 11:24

  10. Kasich Defends Pre-Crash Lehman Brothers Role

    ... latest effort to raise attention to his role at the doomed Lehman Brothers prior to its 2008 collapse. According to an NBC News report , ...

    Phil Hall - 2016-03-14 13:11