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It took an average of 40 days to close for all home loans for Millennials during March, down by two...Read more
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Mortgage applications fell for the fourth straight week, according to new data from the Mortgage...Read more
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Forget about climate change–an old-school environmental crisis is responsible for driving one out...Read more
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The latest housing market data news reaffirmed a slowing in house price gains, a rise in pending...Read more
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Contrary to popular belief, more Millennials approach the concept of downpayments by saving from...Read more
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U.S. hoteliers recorded their ninth consecutive year of increasing profits in 2018, albeit amid...Read more
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The foreclosure crisis had a disproportionately harsh impact on black and Hispanic communities that...Read more
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The sun kept shining on the Sunshine State’s housing market in March, according to new data from...Read more
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Today’s housing data finds the homeownership rate remaining at the same year-over-year level while...Read more
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Insurance executives are predicting the U.S. will enter an economic recession sometime within the...Read more