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Guild Mortgage has awarded 10 academic collegiate scholarships to students pursuing continuing education
Guild Mortgage set records in lending and servicing during the second quarter and first half of...Read more
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Mortgage rates took a steep dive while new home sales registered upward motion, according to a new...Read more
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Millennials might be the most sought-after demographic in today’s housing market, but that doesn’t...Read more
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The nation’s post-2008 economic expansion period will likely end with a recession in either 2020 or...Read more
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The U.S. homeownership rate during the second quarter was 64.1 percent, according to data released...Read more
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June was a very profitable month for the housing markets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with...Read more
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One of President Donald Trump’s prospective nominees to fill a vacancy on the Federal Reserve Board...Read more
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There was less activity on the mortgage application front, according to data from the Mortgage...Read more
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For those who prefer to pay rent to a landlord than pay off a mortgage, a new study from WalletHub...Read more
After a record-breaking Q1, Angel Oak Companies’ residential mortgage lending platform, which includes Angel Oak Home Loans and Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
After a record-breaking Q1 , Angel Oak Companies’ residential mortgage lending platform, which...Read more