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The share of refinances closed by Millennials totaled 34 percent of all loans in October, according...Read more
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The start of the next decade will witness a slowdown in the national housing market, according to a...Read more
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Originators weren’t entirely thankful last week as mortgage application activity declined,...Read more
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Home prices in October were up by 3.5 percent from one year ago and up by 0.5 percent from...Read more
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Massachusetts recorded increases in its housing sales and median sale prices, according to new data...Read more
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Here’s a bit of good news before we head off on the Thanksgiving break: There was refi-fueled...Read more
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After two months of increasing activity, pending home sales went into a mild decline during October...Read more
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The frequency of defects, fraudulence and misrepresentation in the information submitted in...Read more
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Two new data reports have affirmed a continued increase in national home prices. The S&P...Read more
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Prospective homebuyers who close on a purchase the day after Christmas enjoy the biggest discounts...Read more