Hello, Andrew T Berman

NAMB/WEST was a great success. Sure, we all learned about the challenges that we are facing when it comes to the new GFE, HUD-1 and TIL; potential obstacles created from the SAFE Act and more; however, there was lots of positive talk about new and exciting ways to network and find new business. Among the regulatory and legislative seminars and sessions, NAMB/WEST featured the session, “Social Media: How to Use Facebook, Twitter & Blogging to Build Your Business.”
So, if you are in the mortgage biz right now, you know what heck you are doing and enjoy doing it. Let's face it … one of the only positive effects of the mortgage meltdown is that there has been a mortgage originator cleansing. Those who were just able to pick up phones and take apps on easy deals are gone the way of the handwritten 1003. Today, we are left with crème de la crème … those who have their business built on networking, relationships and reputation.