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Vantage Production LLC has announced its plan to release a new design of its

Question: We have an affiliate marketing program. Recently, we had it evaluated by a risk management firm such as yours. In the findings, we learned that our policies and procedures did not account for how to establish and identify pre-existing business relationships.

Two leading entities in the housing world have unveiled new marketing endeavors to promote their respective agenda.

Two rival mortgage companies are taking to the airwaves with commercials that will be broadcast during Sunday’s Super Bowl. However, one is reaching out to a national audience while the other is concentrating on selected metro markets.

Marketing services agreements (MSAs) have been a way of life in our industry for generations. Varied in their size, shape and effects, MSAs have had great impact on mortgage loan originators. Today, their days appear numbered, thanks to the CFPB.

Before starting an advertising campaign, it’s important for a marketer to define their target market—essentially, the people they wants to reach with this advertising. As we move into a new year, home purchases are expected to climb. A great amount of these potential new owners are Millennials. Millennials are a fantastic market for mortgage lenders to tap.