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Mid America Mortgage has announced the firm has developed Mid America Concierge,

Once upon a time … marketing made its way to consumers via TV and radio ads. Then one day, we blinked and e-mail was standing there, the new superhero ready to take traditional marketing to its knees. Ever since online marketing began, promising new formats have taken over marketing attention and dollars.

Learn how to use the new TRID regulations and credit data to grow your business. Nowadays, organizations cannot rely on miracles to keep them out of hot water with governing agencies.

The wave of new Millennial homebuyers is just beginning, and Realtors should prepare themselves now by adapting to buyers’ housing preferences, use of technology and demand for environmentally friendly features, according to speakers at a buyer preferences forum organized by the REALTOR University Richard J.

With so many marketing channels available, it can be difficult to determine the best strategy to reach prospects. However, we’d argue that direct mail is so impactful that every mortgage lender should consider incorporating it into their marketing efforts.

What does culture have to do with marketing? Everything! Culture is what gives us our identity, what is learned, shared and passed on to others. Whether a company is trying to sell candy bars, energy drinks, cars, financial services or even mortgages, marketers need to know and understand the culture of their target audience.

When you use direct mail as a marketing strategy, you typically invest a lot of money upfront. There’s the cost of the mailing list, perhaps the expense of the graphic designer, the price of the mailer itself, and of course, the money spent on postage and handling. Because you are making such a significant investment, you want the best results you can get.