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A weaker man could be an insufferable “tough guy,” maybe a boastful pugnacious braggart. But Rocket Pro TPO’s ambassador to brokers isn’t a weak man.

Growing up in war-torn Liberia, there were many days Mike Fawaz was forced to keep silent in his basemewnt. Above, soldiers and enemy fighters patrolled the war-torn streets in a civil war that lasted from…

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike

In these days of increasing interest rates and bad economic headlines, it’s easy to believe the layoff-riddled mortgage industry is teetering on a cliff, soon to descend into a black hole from which it can never crawl out.

Generating much of the headlines are top-end players, like PennyMac, loanDepot and Better.com, to name a few, that have announced…

Mortgage Banker July 2022 Cover

In 2018, Fannie Mae launched the Future Housing Leaders (FHL) program, pairing mortgage companies with interns to open doors for them to work in the industry. The program is specifically intended to recruit more women and minorities into the industry by increasing exposure to career opportunities in sectors like housing finance, real estate, fintech, building, and…

A Diverse Workforce