Mortgage Women Magazine
May 2023

Cleaning Up Clutter

Sometimes, our lives take unexpected turns from unusual inspirations. Such was the case with Clarifire’s Jane Mason, who built a career from other’s disorganization. Also in this issue, learn what a headway maven is, how downtimes are the wrong times to ignore your licenses, why women are laid off more frequently in this industry, and so much more helpful information from and for Mortgage Women.

Jane Mason, Clarifire
Cover Story
Turning Messes Into Successes

Jane Mason turned her hatred of corporate disarray into her own company

Sarah Wolak
Do teens know value of a buck?
Do Teens Know The Value Of A Buck?

Ask yourself tough questions about what you are teaching your children

Ashley Gravano
Ready to pivot
Be Ready To Pivot

Lessons learned navigating the complexity of leadership

Michele Bodda
The Story Of Your Success
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Laying off women
The Mortgage Industry Is Mostly Laying Off Women

Why women are the most impacted by the great mortgage layoff of 2023

Steve Cooley
Mortgage licensing vs. economy
Mortgage Licensing vs. The Economy

With an economic downturn on the horizon, what does that mean for your licensing efforts?

Vanessa Bodnar
OCN Utah 2022
Go Ahead, (Trade)Show Off!

Branded Breadcrumbs Bring You Business

Mary Margaret Hogan
Non-competes may be banned
Competition Heats Up As Non-competes May Soon Be Banned!

What employers and employees can do to protect their rights

Tyna-Minet Anderson
Coping With Change
Coping With Change

Follow these 10 strategies for embracing change

Tina Asher
Nancy Obando
Make Way For The Headway Maven

Nancy Obando Rises Above Expectations In Her Climb Up Industry

Laura Brandao
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