Proposed "bright line" rule may threaten access to credit

Proposed "bright line" rule may threaten access to credit

May 25, 2005

A commentary by Carteret's Eric WeinsteinEric Weinsteindaily affirmations, personal therapy, happiness
I am Jewish, though you may have already figured that out by my
last name.
When I was in Israel, I visited a place that is very holy to the
Jewish people, the Wailing Wall. This is the remnant of the western
wall of the ancient Great Temple. It is said that if you write
something on a piece of paper and stuff it into a crack in the
wall, you are talking directly to God.
Before I got there, I thought long and hard on what to write.
Stop here and think of what you would write if you could talk
directly to God. I will wait right here until you are finished.
So, here is what I came up with: Bless my mother and father with
long life and prosperity.
I was smug; I didn't ask for anything for myself and was
honoring my parents.
So, then I got on a bus leaving Jerusalem and started talking to
some guy. He had just come back from the wall, and since it's not a
secret wish like blowing out birthday candles, I started telling
him what I wrote and how great it was. He said it was a very nice
gesture. So, I asked him what he wrote. "Just two words," he said.
Two words? What two words? What could he have written in two words?
So, I asked him. He said, "Just 'Thank you.'" Damn! He was right;
that was the right answer.
You see, even asking for something for someone else is still
asking. If you take all of the prayers of every religion, it all
comes down to the same thing: Thanking the Lord for what you have.
When you ask God to bless your bread, what you are really doing is
reminding yourself you have bread and are thankful for it.
Here is the secret to being happy: Say to yourself, "I'm happy."
That's all it takes. When you are thankful, it forces you to
remember you are happy that you have something.
So, take a moment after reading this and just remind yourself
you are happy.
I know I am.
Thank you.
Eric Weinstein is founder and president of Carteret
Mortgage. He may be reached by phone at (703) 802-8000 or by fax at
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