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MortgageKeeper helps in struggle against foreclosure

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Mar 16, 2008 introduces new FHA-verified leadsMortgagePress.comFHA criteria, loan amount, credit history, Internet leads has introduced FHA leads to its lender clients. The new product gives lenders access to verified leads matching FHA criteria. The consumer's information is verified to meet FHA lending criteria using filters for loan amount and credit history. Lenders have an opportunity to receive FHA-qualified Internet leads for refinances and purchase transactions. determines if consumers are FHA-compatible by comparing the requested loan amount to the FHA limits by county and running a credit check. Los Angeles-based is a consumer financial services company. For more information, call (866) 231-9328 or visit
Mar 16, 2008
The Power Of Appreciation

Companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially

Sales and Marketing
May 16, 2022
Tech Tips For Marketing Yourself

Your computer keyboard can be your best marketing partner

Sales and Marketing
Apr 29, 2022
Originators Are Having a Different Discussion

With rates rising, the sales conversation has to become broader

Sales and Marketing
Apr 28, 2022
Follow The Money

Where lenders put their assets will determine how well they cope with rapid market changes.

Sales and Marketing
Apr 28, 2022
What’s In Your Origination Toolkit?

Make sure you’ve got expertise in more than standard plain-vanilla mortgages.

Sales and Marketing
Mar 22, 2022
Instant Title and Customer Service Work Hand-in-Hand

Instant title is powered by technology that makes it super-efficient, which leads some to believe it can stand alone, without supporting customer service.

Sales and Marketing
Feb 28, 2022