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OpenClose releases Web-based mortgage software for credit unions

Apr 15, 2009

Sollen celebrates a decade of innovation in mortgage technology MortgagePress.comSollen Technologies, product and pricing engine, PPE, Lender Online, ConneX Sollen Technologies, an Internet-based application services provider of product, pricing and best execution capabilities for the mortgage industry, has recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary delivering product and pricing engine (PPE) technology to mortgage originators. For over a decade, Sollen has been one of the companies at the forefront of consolidating, organizing and presenting the best loan pricing in quicker, more efficient ways tailored to meet the needs of its customers. In business since February of 1999, Sollen Technologies was formed with one thing in mind, to solve the complex problem of mortgage pricing and communications between the broker/correspondent and the lender. Sollen Technologies has created tools that allow originators and lenders to be more productive and operate more efficiently. Our products and services allow two-way communications that relay time critical pricing information with easy-to-use technology. Lenders and originators alike benefit from improvements in the office workflow processes that are enhanced by our products and services. Most recently, Sollen has totally reformulated its core product, Lender Online. The latest version was the collaboration of extensive customer input and years of experience. Improved functionality and easier navigation allows the customers superior processes and enhanced flexibility, which tailors the system to the way they do business. Additionally, Sollen has constructed a robust platform called ConneX that allows lenders to access product and pricing services as an extension of their loan origination or point of sale software. "ConneX started as an internal service hub embedded into Lender Online with the goal of streamlining our processes as we reached out to other systems," said Brian Drevicky, VP of information technology at Sollen. "ConneX has evolved into a bi-directional loan data management system that allows us to 'plug-in' to other systems much quicker and more effectively. In addition, instead of having to manually import and export data from one system to another, the data flows more naturally and the user benefits from a more efficient process." While many vendors have slowed their pace and reduced technology staff in reaction to the current economic conditions, Sollen has remained dedicated to improving their platform, releasing new features and helping lenders stay competitive. "Sollen has gone through many changes during our first decade," said Michel Van Hee, CEO of Sollen Technologies. "I'm proud of our commitment to our customers and very excited about where we're headed. In the past 12 months, we have transformed our benchmark product Lender Online and constructed a new integration platform. These enhancements will allow us to deliver Sollen's premium services with expanded functionality, which means even more productivity and profitability gains for our users." For more information, visit
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Apr 15, 2009
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