CCG Catalyst provides business process improvement guidance to financial institutions

CCG Catalyst provides business process improvement guidance to financial institutions

December 15, 2009

Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst, a provider of strategic guidance for banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and other financial organizations, announced it offers business process improvement (BPI) service to financial institutions implementing industry-wide best practices to ensure that processes are streamlined across department and operational boundaries.
CCG Catalyst’s BPI service optimizes financial institutions’ business processes to improve operational efficiency, customer service and ROI. CCG Catalyst analyzes institutions’ system designs, workflows and procedures, while updating processes to ensure that all participants are using the same methods and working towards the same outcome. The service also maximizes financial investments in the systems and applications that support the institution.
The BPI service ensures financial institutions are achieving the highest capacity of production from their processes, technologies and human resources, which may have suffered after the economic crisis forced them to cut costs across the board, including labor, programs and technology. As financial institutions look towards growth in 2010, this service helps them adapt to be more productive with fewer resources.
“CCG Catalyst has extensive experience in business process improvement and has developed a comprehensive list of best practices to enable financial institutions to get more results from the restricted resources they currently have,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst. “We know that institutions have invested considerable money and time into the applications that run their company, and we focus on streamlining processes to maximize those investments.”
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