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MyCapitalAccess forms partnership with the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals
Jul 09, 2010

MyCapitalAccess, a provider of finance products and operational knowledge to small businesses nationwide, has announced at the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals (FAMP) 50th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, that it has formed a partnership with the association to provide revenue-generating services and educational opportunities to association members. Through the partnership, MyCapitalAccess will supply FAMP members who join the financier network with the training, marketing and sales tools needed to work with small businesses. The financier network is comprised of financial services professionals who work with small companies to simplify the search for capital and introduce them to the business knowledge resources provided by the MyCapitalAccess membership program. Financiers increase their revenue from the sale of these financial products and memberships. “By partnering with MyCapitalAccess, we provide our members with the tools and training needed to diversify their income options,” said Frank Cicione, executive director of FAMP. “The financier network allows mortgage professionals to increase revenue and receive an education in other financial areas, helping them survive this downturn and adapt to future economic changes.” “Being a part of our financier network gives mortgage professionals the ability to act as financial intermediaries to the small business market,” said Art "Ski" Swiatkowski, president of MyCapitalAccess. “MyCapitalAccess seeks to spur growth among these individuals and help them remain independent by providing additional revenue opportunities.” For more information, visit or
Jul 09, 2010
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