Coester Appraisal CEO commissioned by AllRegs to author educational materials

Coester Appraisal CEO commissioned by AllRegs to author educational materials

July 14, 2010

Coester Appraisal Group, a nationwide appraisal management company (AMC), has announced that company chief executive officer and appraisal expert Brian Coester has been commissioned by AllRegs, an information provider for the mortgage lending industry, to create instruction manuals, video tutorials and classroom training programs for lenders. These educational materials will serve to educate lenders on how to protect themselves against repurchase requests based on erroneous assessments of the loan file’s appraisal.
Repurchase requests, also known as “buyback letters,” are given to lenders, correspondents, brokers or other loan originators by purchasers like lenders, GSEs or investors, when a loan is found to be faulty, noncompliant or otherwise substandard. According to Coester, discrepancies in appraisals account for roughly 15 percent of all repurchase requests. Once a buyback letter is received, the recipient is under obligation to repurchase the loan in question—often hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more—unless it can prove that it is not responsible for the discrepancy.
Coester, who is an expert at successfully rebutting repurchase requests that are erroneously based on appraisal discrepancies, will be addressing the specific steps that the recipient of a buyback letter can take to determine the validity of the claims, and successfully refute them if inaccurate.
“Repurchase requests that are based on faulty or erroneous appraisals are often built on misunderstandings,” said Coester. “But because many lenders don’t know how to appropriately respond to the request, they end up repurchasing the loan, even though they’re not at fault. As with any process, there are certain processes and procedures that greatly enhance a lender’s chance of successfully refuting the request. I’m happy to share my expertise and help lenders to protect themselves from unnecessary penalties.”
The manuals, video tutorials and classes will be available at a future date to be determined.
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