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CCG Catalyst to offers branch network/delivery channel services

Aug 17, 2010

Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst, a bank consulting firm providing strategic guidance for financial organizations, announced it offers a Delivery Channel Optimization Program to help financial institutions minimize overhead costs and maximize sales performance of each branch office. CCG Catalyst’s program ensures a comprehensive analysis of delivery channel and branching options, whether a financial institution is considering major capital improvements, consolidation, expansion or restructuring of its retail delivery network and channel capabilities. The program helps clients prioritize capital expenditures and staffing needs, objectively evaluate consolidation or expansion opportunities and implement other strategies to ensure the optimum performance of its delivery channels, branch outlets and customer base. As part of the program, CCG Catalyst conducts: ►Market research and assessment as well as customer and channel performance analysis to determine strategic points of view on a bank’s current delivery channel and/or branch network and the markets these networks serve; ►Tactical network analysis, including gaps and overlaps analysis, demographic, delivery preference and financial demand trends and customer-based channel/branch value contribution analysis; ►Branch site reviews to assess branch/location viability, traffic flow and recommendations for interior and exterior improvements; ►Assessment of the banks’ market and competitive position; ►Branch delivery effectiveness reviews to evaluate use of automated service options and sales trends; ►Identification of alternative delivery and facility options, including ATMs, electronic banking, call centers, Internet and mobile banking and non-traditional branch facility types and designs. Based on this market research and assessment, CCG Catalyst provides a delivery network distribution plan, interpretation of demographic and consumer data, evaluation of the competition, recommendations for interior and exterior facility improvements, market/outlets share projections and recommendations, capital/resource allocation methodologies and suggestions for prioritized use of staff and management for marketing activities. “The risks associated with consolidating, downsizing, expanding or restructuring the branch network and delivery offerings multiply by the ever-changing competition and diverse demographics of the marketplace,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst. “Our program provides financial institutions with improved fact-based frameworks and tools for analyzing and developing appropriate strategies to address customers’ financial needs, increase customer retention, improve efficiency and retail delivery channel usage and prioritize of capital improvements and staffing needs.” For more information, visit
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