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Infomercial Icon Guthy-Renker to Enter the Mortgage Business

Mar 08, 2011

Paramount Equity Mortgage Inc. has announced its intention to enter into a partnership with Guthy-Renker LLC, one of the nation’s largest direct-to-consumer marketing companies, to help the regional mortgage lender significantly expand its mortgage and consumer financial operations. Guthy-Renker will assume a significant equity position in Paramount Equity. In addition, Guthy-Renker will provide its preeminent direct television marketing expertise and resources to take Paramount Equity’s message of efficient, service-oriented home loans and consumer finance solutions to a national market. “The real estate downturn of the last several years has created tremendous opportunities for growth as economic conditions begin to improve. In our opinion, the opportunity in the mortgage market coupled with our value-added services has never been greater, and Guthy-Renker’s marketing expertise will help us engage a new set of customers who, otherwise, might be beyond our reach,” said Hayes Barnard, founder and chief executive officer of Paramount Equity. “Guthy-Renker is unmatched in its expertise, scale and ability to create awareness for national products. Combining those factors with our highly efficient money-saving platform will redefine the consumer experience for home loans, energy conservation and insurance.” Founded in 2003, Paramount Equity Mortgage has completed more than $8 billion in loans in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, and Virginia. Paramount Equity seeks to save families money on their mortgage, insurance and electric bills by matching the right consumer with the right product, whether it’s a purchase or refinance loan, insurance policy or solar energy system. Paramount Energy Solutions is one of the largest solar sales companies in California and is now poised for national growth and expansion. “Guthy-Renker’s history is about teaming up with extraordinary people and companies to get their stories told. Paramount Equity is a great company with outstanding employees, a vibrant culture and passionate vision. We’re excited by the opportunity to give them the marketing help that they need to grow,” said Ben Van de Bunt, co-chief executive officer of Guthy-Renker. “The offering of mortgage, solar and insurance delivers a powerful combination that will enable Paramount Equity to become a sizeable player in the national market.” For more information, visit or
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