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S&P Approves CoreLogic as a Third-Party Due Diligence Provider for RMBS
Apr 17, 2012

CoreLogic, a provider of information, analytics and business services, has announced that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has approved it as a third-party due diligence provider for residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) rated by that agency. CoreLogic Due Diligence performs a full-range of diligence services for residential mortgages and small balance commercial loans, including forensic due diligence, non-performing loan reviews, acquisition and securitization reviews, data integrity reviews and quality control (QC). The group is working with a growing number of issuers, originators and investors on pre-securitization and loan quality projects. It also provides underwriting support to press or defend buy-back claims. Mark Hughes, a CoreLogic vice president and 25-year veteran of the mortgage securities industry, heads the due diligence business which operates two underwriting centers in Jacksonville and Sunrise, Fla. “To attract investors back to private-label mortgage securities, issuers must deliver greater transparency and demonstrate that they have employed the best available tools to identify and reduce risk,” said Hughes. “CoreLogic is already a major provider of the diligence, valuation and fraud detection services that many lenders and investors use. With our S&P approval we will now offer unique data-enhanced diligence/underwriting solutions to identify forensic issues, value portfolios and help originate securitizable loans. As private-label mortgage securities issuance returns, we will be there to provide the ‘new diligence’ that all market participants will demand.”
Apr 17, 2012
CFPB Issues Final Rule For Reporting Small Business Lending Data

The rule could affect mortgage originators who work with property investors.

MISMO Seeks Comment On Servicing Transfer Catalog

Says new tool supports a more effective and efficient servicing transfer process.

Chopra: Nonbanks, Mortgage Servicers May Also Pose Systemic Risk

CFPB director tells Consumer Bankers Association conference such a failure could lead to 'chaos.'

FHFA Announces Enhanced Mortgage Payment Deferral Policy 

Will allow GSE's borrowers facing financial hardship to defer up to six months of mortgage payments. 

MBA: Proposed Rule Would Stifle Securitizations

In letter to SEC, MBA says proposed rule on conflicts of interest is overly broad.

Fidelity National Financial To Pay N.Y. $3.5M, End ‘No-Poach’ Deals

N.Y. attorney general says such deals illegally stifle competition and reduce wages.