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New American Funding Launches LO Marketing Training Platform
Aug 02, 2018
New American Funding has named Sean Casey Senior Vice President of Retail Sales for Arizona and Texas

New American Funding has announced that it is unveiling a new program, Social For You, a multimedia platform developed to make the company’s more than 800 Loan Officers experts in social marketing. Social For You provides a step-by-step guide using blogs, videos and Webinars to break down every nuance of social media engagement so that Loan Officers can fluidly communicate with current, past and prospective clients. The service will be available on the company’s proprietary GoGoLO app.
“We are extremely excited about the launch of Social For You–a first-of-its-kind platform in the mortgage industry,” said New American Funding Chief Executive Officer Rick Arvielo. “This empowers our agents as they further develop winning strategies by becoming not just social media savvy, but social marketing geniuses.”
A Forbes study said 81 percent of respondents claimed “recommendations and posts from family and friends directly impact their buying decisions, while 78 percent said social media posts from companies influence their buying decisions.”
Social For You provides a step-by-step guide to turn followers and “Likers” into leads and clients with easy and effective strategies, such as sharing content on social pages with the click of a button. The platform also meets trainees at their current skill level. For the already seasoned social media marketers, Social For You offers advanced instruction on data insights to target the right audiences, with the right content, at the right time.
“Pew Research says two-thirds of Americans use social media, which makes it one of the most effective types of advertising available,” said Arvielo. “This is particularly effective with homebuyers. Knowing how to stand out and connect with the right audience at the right time is crucial, particularly when reaching out to Millennials.”

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